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Are you looking for reliable and affordable roofing repair in Manchester, NH? All of our workers are well trained and have the experience necessary to provide top-notch repair work. Get in touch with one of our NH based roofers to take care of your repair job. 

Asphalt shingles, metal, and wood roof repair in Manchester

Our contractors work with the most popular roof types in the New Hampshire region. We make sure our customers have a technician with the right experience necessary to carry out a thorough job. If you have a different roof type, please call or email us to find out if we can service your home.

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When should I get my roof repaired?

After a major storm you can expect some damage to occur on your roof. This doesn’t mean you automatically need to spend hundreds of dollars after a blizzard, or hail storm. However, if it’s been a couple of seasons you may notice some cracks, leaks and or corrosion on your roof. Your eyes can spot a lot, so always take a look at your roof after a big storm. If you notice water dripping in from the ceiling, you could benefit from a roofer contractor coming to patch up the holes. 

Obviously, if your roof comes crashing down on you, or you notice a huge hole it’s time to call the roofing experts. The smaller and minor repairs are sometimes the main culprits to a major collapse, so it’s a good idea to get your roof maintained every once a year. 

If your roof is damaged and a new one needs to be installed, you might want to read out article on Things to Know About Roof Replacement

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How much does roof repair cost in New Hampshire?

Please note this is a price range, not an exact quote. A repair job varies from roof to roof.

A simple roof repair with minor leaks and or cracks can be between $100 and $400. A home that has more water damage on the roof, and roofs made with more delicate material, can cost between $400 and $1,000. If you’ve experienced severe weather damage and need a major repair you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000+. At this point you may be advised to replace your roof entirely. For an exact estimate we encourage you to contact (603) 753-2927 or email 

Will my insurance company cover roof repair?

Depending on the type of homeowners insurance you have, you may be reimbursed for roof damage caused by storms, or severe weather conditions. You may also be covered for fire, wind, snow and hail damage to your roof. Your insurance agency may want to see a report from a roofing company before considering a reimbursement, so have a  roofer come check out the scene, and make sure to call your insurance agency before making any big decisions.