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Manchester NH Roofing and Siding provides the most reliable roofing and siding repair, installation, cleaning, and inspection service on the market. We pride ourselves in our customer service, work ethic, and results for our customers. We are committed to getting the job done right the first time, and ensuring your safety during harsh weather.  

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Roofing Services in Manchester, NH

We provide a wide range of roofing services for Manchester property owners. We work with residential homes, churches, schools, small offices, and more to ensure your roof has the care it needs to live a long and happy life. Check our list of roofing and siding services which include:

Repair and restoration

Have a damaged roof? Did a nasty storm cause an unsettling noise? Did water begin leaking? Give our roofing experts a call to make sure your roof can protect your family once more. Our roofing contractors will work with you  to give you the most competitive quote on the market, while providing you with outstanding customer experience. We help property owners repair their roofs after any type of accident, so give us a call at (603) 753-2927 if you feel your roof needs some fixing.

New Roof Installation

Want to ensure your family has a secure roof over their head, literally? Hire the pros to get the job done right the first time. Our installation service will keep your roof nice and secured for the harsh weather to come. We’ll give you an affordable quote, with quality service for your New Hampshire home. 

Snow removal and cleaning service

Did a snow storm just hit your home? Got some nasty gunk on top? Give us a call at (603) 753-2927 for a serviceman to remove any junk, and give your roof the shine it deserves to show off to your neighbors!

Roof maintenance

A healthy roof is a safe roof. So if you’re looking to have your roof keep you and your family safe we suggest hiring one of our roofing professionals take a look at your roof, fix any cracks or noticeable wear and tear that might cause long-term damage. Give us a call, or contact us via email to schedule a time that works best for you!

Roof inspections

Our roofing team is trained to detect any sign of corrosion, water damage, structural / architectural damage, and check for signs that your roof is interfering with your ventilation efficiency. 

Siding Services in Manchester, NH

new england home siding

Along with your roof, the sides of your home are your first line of defense against nasty storms. A durable and well maintained siding for your home will ensure your family’s safety for the various weather conditions in New Hampshire. 

In New England there are several popular choices for your house’s siding project: Cement, traditional woo, brick, st one, stucco cedar, and slate as well as tiles for roofs.
Have any questions you want a siding expert to answer? Call us at (603) 753-2927)  for a free estimate!